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  • About Us

    About Us

    We make 100% beef jerky… and it is good!

    Wook’s Beef Jerky was founded as a veteran owned and operated, family business located in Lakeland, FL. The beef jerky is made from 100% USDA beef, it has NO nitrates, fillers or MSG,is GLUTEN FREE, is low in salt, sugars and carbohydrates, but is high in protein and every bag is less than 180 calories.

    Along with beef jerky we also make an alternative for the vegetarians, Wook’s Mushroom Jerky.The mushroom jerky is made from Portabella or Baby Bella (Panini) mushrooms, sliced,marinated and then dehydrated. The mushroom jerky is great by itself, on a salad, added to soups,stews, sauces, eggs, pizza and sandwiches.

    All the jerky is made fresh weekly at our certified kitchen in Lakeland, FL. Wook’s also makes a line of jerky made specifically for your dog or cat (Rascal’s). All the pet treats are made from 100% USDA approved meats or vegetables. There are NO chemicals, preservatives, spices or fillers added to any of these treats and are made fresh weekly at our shop in Lakeland. The treats are made from beef, chicken, chicken livers, turkey, lamb lungs or sweet potato.

    All items can be ordered from our website’s “Shop Now” page.

    You can also email you order to us at ORDERS@wooksbeefjerky.com, or simply call (904) 584-5911, or toll-free at: (888) 336-3334.

    Ask about our Gift Baskets, Monthly Auto-Ship Orders and EVENT Promotions.

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